What is myNGOVO?

How many hours a day do you spend thinking about your financial situation?Reading on surviving on a budget?Searching for a better alternative to your current credit options?

What if you could put all that time back on your work schedule?Remember,accessing liquidity to meet your cash flow needs shouldn’t be so draining as the relationship between employer and employee is hinged on trust.It should be straightforward,convenient and also affordable.

That’s where myNGOVO comes in.

myNGOVO is a software platform that puts the financial wellness of workers above all else.Our platform provides employees the efficiency needed to do more with their income.

Available on your mobile device,the myNGOVO platform enables you to access your salary advance with ease.With a click of a button,advance payment is made to your mobile money account instantly.You can access salary advance anytime of the month and you have the ability to request payment more than once while within your limit.Never again waste your energy looking for ways to cater for your consumption needs. There’s no “mwezi iko corner” with our platform.Our platform brings cost savings that would have gone towards repaying costly debt,keeping you organized with your finances and maintaining your purchasing power,allowing you to enjoy essential goods and services in your daily life that you would have cut in order to make loan repayments.

At myNGOVO,we are committed to rethinking and redesigning products that encourage the broader coverage of financial inclusion especially for low-income workers,eliminating inefficiencies that stand in the way of getting serious work done.

Work takes effort,but compensation for work shouldn’t

Learn more about myNGOVO and discover how our financial-wellness platform can help your business in crossing the finishing line.

Reach out to us for inquiries: info@myngovo.co.ke and request for demo of our platform through email: sales@myngovo.co.ke.


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