TruAttendance for Hotels |Insights and Results

TruAttendance for hotels is an initiative to fuel the success of restaurants and hotels using attendance management software. As such, this solution can be implemented to address the challenges affecting both the hotels and the employees. Consequently, TruAttendance for hotels can be leveraged to work in situation like yours. This includes attendance tracking, leave management and shift scheduling.

TruAttendance for hotels can be implemented as a response to the pandemic. As a result, this may in turn seed longer term gains for the hotel or restaurant. Additionally, use of current HR technology trends can help the business to keep running even in uncertain times and adapt to crisis.

Hotels can use TruAttendance HR solution to help cover areas such as time tracking, leave management and shift scheduling. With that, high touch activities such as salary negotiation and recruitment can still be done by the professionals. However, automating repetitive tasks such as attendance data entry can help a hotel ramp up more employees without increasing human supervision.

For many industries, the pandemic exposed the technological gaps in their operations. Because of this, hotels being in the labour-intensive service industry can be included. For instance, pen and paper attendance records and applying for time-off may have previously taken place in the office. As a result of the pandemic, it has become imperative for hotels to leverage self-service HR technology for attendance tracking and leave management.

Attendance tracking, leave management and scheduling of shifts are functions that may now be taking place online. With this in mind, it’s up to the management to evaluate which parts of HR value chain can gain efficiencies by implementing HR technology.

Whether or not all hotels or restaurants can implement HR technology, proliferation of emerging technology in increasing productivity and efficiency will continue. That’s mainly because businesses can increasingly see the benefits of leveraging HR technology for mundane tasks such as attendance tracking, time-off requests and sharing weekly work schedules.

Presently, TruAttendance for hotels can help in guiding business strategy to emerge out of the pandemic crisis. However, this help can work even during times of prosperity to proactively pounce on opportunities. For example, hotels may have to shift away from traditional work schedules to that which accommodates reduced capacity without losing their trained personnel. This may involve some employees working certain days while others are at home. Hence the use of a shift scheduling software that automates creating shifts and sharing the same with employees can be paramount in overcoming this challenge.

TruAttendance provides a self-service mobile technology accessed as a mobile application and a web-based management dashboard. With this software, hotels can easily manage a larger number of employees while the employer is protected against time theft by employees.  Also, geo-fencing can be used for precise location data with GPS capabilities in the software. This can ensure employees are at the right place and at the right time.


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