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TruAttendance for brand activation|Insights

Brand activation involves building a brand’s image while driving specific actions from targeted consumers. As marketers are constantly looking for new and fresh ideas to make the brand resonate with consumers, the need to build personal connections is heightened. Brand activation can lead to brand awareness and allows direct engagement with audiences. As such, this can take the form of a campaign, event or any structured interaction with the brand’s target audience.

A successful brand activation will bring your brand to life and forge lasting emotional connections. Moreover, these events and experiences can help a brand gunner attention from the target market.

Because of the broad nature of brand activation strategies from samples and free trial campaigns to mall and in-store activation, measuring performance can be difficult. Therefore, it is important for marketers to measure the productivity of the personnel involved in the various activities especially in-store and mall activation activities.

Technology has become pervasive in many industries. Additionally, tools needed for automating business processes have been increasingly taking over workplaces. This ranges from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for the sales function to Objectives and Key Result (OKR) software for aligning the goals of the company with those of individuals in their departments. Hence, a software tool that marketers can use to streamline productivity of brand activation can be a welcome boost.

For successful brand activation strategies, brands need to be unique and creative in how they position their brands. After coming up with unique propositions, it is vital for marketers to measure productivity of their activities. With that, marketers can use improved customer acquisition from a particular event and the specific reason why a certain event was more successful relative to another. Additionally, marketers can use this data to negotiate with future clients based on the results they are comfortable to meet and surpass.

TruAttendance can be a helpful tool for marketers to deploy during brand activation activities such as mall and in-store activations. With geo-fencing capabilities using GPS, marketers can able to monitor their workers on the ground. This ensures correct pay for time worked while increasing productivity by eliminating time theft by employees who may be tempted to veer off the planned strategic locations. With such a tool, marketers finally have a product tailored for them. Marketers are given the freedom and power to easily manage employees involved in brand activation events while focusing on providing the best experiences to target consumers.


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