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Time and attendance system|TruAttendance

Time and attendance system may often be referred to as employee time clock software or attendance tracking software. Put simply, time and attendance can automate the process of capturing employee work hours. In essence, it provides more than just an electronic time clock service. In addition, other modules such as leave management and automated shift scheduling can be incorporated. TruAttendance provides an integrated suite, with the attendance tracking module able to connect with payroll as well as other important HR functions such as leave management. Thus, the following are the benefits a business can get from using the system:

  • Automated time tracking and attendance reports.

Time previously spent reconciling time worked and pay and tracking paper-based record may be reallocated to productive tasks in the business and can greatly increase productivity.

  • Timesheet exports

Self-service clock in reduces data entry errors and manipulation. No need for guess work anymore but rather get access to automatic timesheet data that can be easily verified.

  • Helps prevent employees clocking in for colleagues

GPS clock in option can help prevent unauthorized employees from punching in and helps to ensure you are paying only for hours worked by the right employee.

  • Labour cost management

Management can get access to verifiable data that may be used to address labour costs such as correct hours worked.

  • Insight into your time and attendance data

Advanced management dashboard with live statistics provides managers with data analysis features such as graphs so that they can make informed decisions.

  • Compliance with labour regulations

Employees hours can be easily verified and accessed from the management dashboard. This ensures an employer complies with leave laws and the correct overtime payment for employees.

  • Self-service entry by employees

TruAttendance gives employees the ability to clock in and out, apply for leave and access shift schedule through a mobile app that can be accessed through a smartphone. No need for paper-based records or filling our pen and paper forms to apply for leave and time off.

Why TruAttendance

With so many activities needed to ensure the success of a business, you cannot afford to take your eye off the prize. TruAttendance can deliver significant advantages in your time and attendance system automation quest. Leave behind the hassle from administrative work.


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