Time and attendance management
Time and attendance management for business growth

Implementing a time tracking solution in your business can have quantifiable gains in your company. This includes cost savings, eliminating inefficiencies and eliminating duplication of effort. As a result, this can have a major impact on your company’s budget. As such it can increase the ease of employee management affecting your business growth. The task of time and attendance management of employees using manual systems can be cumbersome. Businesses that are still using manual time tracking and attendance management solutions, are still likely experiencing low productivity. Also, coupled with costs that can be mitigated by use of automation.

Limitations of manual time and attendance tracking

Data entry errors and attendance records manipulation can be credible risks when using manual time and attendance methods. For instance, using pen and paper timesheets, an employee can forget to punch in. They can later scramble to remember the exact number of hours worked. These inaccuracies can also extend to the length of the breaks they took.

Faced with such errors, employees can end up getting less pay in commensurate with the hours worked. Additionally, in some circumstances can get overpaid. Employees getting underpaid for genuine hours worked can lead to low employee satisfaction.Employee complaints can greatly undermine the productivity a business. This can to an increase in employee turnover. while overpaying employees arising from data inaccuracies constitutes payroll fraud and negatively impacts the cash position of a business.

Benefits of implementing time and attendance software

To protect the accuracy of employee attendance data and to ensure the same can be easily accessed by the accounting function in your business, operationalizing a robust time and attendance tracking software can help. This also reduces the burden of administrative work on HR staff from having to conduct multiple data entry work greatly increasing their productivity and focusing on their core business.

An advanced management dashboard which allows for real-time data to be analyzed frees up the time for HR staff by allowing support for attendance logs and comprehensive reports greatly streamlining this function for a business. Self-service capabilities for employees derived through automation can help employees achieve improved output by streamlining efficiency of manual processes giving them more autonomy on their work and less frustrations.

Time and attendance management software gives employers with the ability to create, edit and publish shift schedules and share the same with employees. This can help the company allocate projects in relation to the company goals without the hassle of having to call numerous staff meetings that do not add to the productivity in the workplace. A schedule management module can give managers the freedom to effectively manage the available shifts with the number of staff they have in their pursuit of meeting company goals.

With an automated time and attendance management solution, there is considerable reduction in paperwork a company has to deal with. There is no more printing of time sheets, paper punch cards or leave application papers from HR. Through the management dashboard, time clock data captured through the self-service mobile app accessed through a smartphone allows for managers to easily copy and export digital time sheets and share the same with the payroll processing function without need for printing. All records related to the time an employee clocked in, the time the employee took a break and the time the employee clocks out can be found immediately on the analytics dashboard for managers and business owners.

An automated time and attendance system can help your business in complying with the required labour regulations. In addition, it allows an employer to avoid the chance of litigation from employees. For example, an automated system can give you visibility into the number of hours an employee as worked in a work and whether it’s within the parameters set out. Managers can be able to easily calculate the number of hours worked by the employees and assign the shifts to employees intelligently while keeping in line with the regulations. In the event your business is audited for violating wages paid and number of hours worked, the accuracy of data generated from an automated system may help your business in coming out successful in the audit.

A robust time and attendance system can help your business grow by increasing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover. The ability to request for time off through a self-service mode and to get shifts schedules with ease increases the desirability of a job and reduces employee turnover which is particularly high in industries that heavily rely on human capital. With an automated system, a manager can quickly review and approve leave requests which would otherwise take days while also managing shifts affected by the leave requests immediately. Employee satisfaction can lead to increased productivity which positively affects the business bottom line.

With the correct user roles and permissions implemented, the accuracy and security of data in the management dashboard can be assured. Restricted access to the system ensures that there’s a trail of accountability to avoid data manipulation. This can help to prevent errors that end up costing a business to correct them. By restricting access to the system, companies can help reduce the chances for data to be accessed by hackers as a result of compromise from a user.

How TruAttendance can help

In today’s fast changing business environment, you cannot afford to let tasks that do not concern your main focus-making money-consume your time. TruAttendance can deliver your company with the capabilities needed for time tracking and attendance management  delighting your employees with  user-friendly interface while relieving managers from doing administrative and repetitive work that can be handled with software. This system will ensure discipline and a streamlined work standard improving productivity so your business can succeed.


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