Salary Advance In Kenya Instantly with myNGOVO Advance

Salary advance is a short-term financing facility that is advanced to salaried employees in Kenya through the myNGOVO mobile app with no interest charges. Employees can access up to 50% of their net salary through the app any time of the month instantly deposited into their mobile money account for convenience. This allows employers to lift the morale of their workers improving productivity and reducing anxiety over financial stress and employees are able to access their salary advance whenever they need it with no punitive penalties and charges.

How It Works

The turnaround process from initial contact by employer to first salary advance payment request is less than twenty four hours with the whole process automated. Employers sign up for free and myNGOVO is launched inside the company. Employees are then able to download the app and register. After logging in, an employee is able to access salary advance payments any time of the day even during holidays. The employee account is reconciled during their next payday with only a 3.6% origination fee levied on the salary advance payment requested and no interest charges.

This can give employees access to salary advance in Kenya with no need to wait for banks to deposit to your account. Remove the guesswork out of your salary advance application and see the money in your mobile wallet sooner.

Get Started

Empower your employees to avoid costly loans that leave them with a negative pay cycle and a recurring debt problem by giving them access to part of their salary whenever they need it. Easily align employee cash needs with their income with no cash commitment from the employer. Employees can also refer their employers and we will do the heavy-lifting for you. Contact us today at 0705043366 or send an email to and start your financial wellness journey.


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