Attendance management for franchises
HR Technology for Franchises like KFC|TruAttendance

HR technology can help franchise owners to address HR issues at their company. Likewise, human resource issues may face franchise owners. These issues can be solved by implementing HR technology that can help in the various facets of the business. This may entail recruitment, time and attendance management, performance and leave management.

Furthermore with the continuous improvement of technology, the following are ways HR technology can help you manage your franchise successfully. The success of a software tool can depend on your franchise model, hence the need to choose the one befitting your situation:

Automate your time and attendance tracking

Time and attendance tracking is essential in a franchise. This removes the guesswork out of attendance records. In addition, it can remove the possibility of wrongful pay for misrepresentation of the number of hours worked, length of their breaks and the clock out time. The best-in-class time and attendance solution can remove the risk of data entry errors. This can give you insight into your labour costs and your employee time sheets.

Improve shift scheduling efficiency

With the right HR technology, shift scheduling challenges can be tackled. Automated shift scheduling can be crucial in allocation of tasks according to availability of staff. The ability to create, edit and publish shift schedules to employees can greatly increase productivity. Moreover, this can reduce time spent daily or weekly to come up with shifts. A self-service HR tool allows you to share the shift information easily. Through a mobile app that can be accessed through a smartphone, employees can easily access their weekly schedules. Additionally, it removes the hassle of holding staff meetings to share shift information which can get chaotic. Hence, through HR technology, a franchise owner can get more time to focus on the core business.

Compliance with labour regulations

Implementing a robust HR technology can help your franchise comply with local regulations. Labour regulations on the maximum number of hours that an employee can work and leave management can be pertinent to a franchise. As such, it is imperative for a franchise owner to remain within the regulations. With the right HR tool, the approval of leave requests and data on number of hours worked can be easily verified. Because of this, workers can be assured of correct pay. Also, in case of an audit as a franchise owner you can easily provide required data.

Competitive advantage in recruitment

Successful implementation of HR technology can lead to differentiation of a franchise. This can be achieved through the right hiring. The right hiring, employee success and benefits can result in increased revenue from each employee and productivity. Offering the best place for an employee to work will work out for the bottom line of your franchise.

Improved efficiencies in your HR processes

With the right system in place, your franchise can improve efficiencies in the several areas:

  • Cost savings. Automation reduces payroll errors that can arise from the errors recollecting time worked.
  • Reduced manipulation of attendance records. Automation can make it harder to manipulate attendance records.
  • Comprehensive report generation. An automated HR system can give a franchise the ability to easily generate reports. Those reports can be used to get an insight into the business.

How TruAttendance can help franchises

Above all, with all the entailment of running a franchise, your time is precious. Therefore to make even better use of your time, automation of your HR processes can be crucial. In particular, TruAttendance can remove the burden of administrative work. The software can also help you streamline leave management and shift scheduling. Consequently, these are some of the activities that can take away time from your core business. With this in mind, with the right HR solution, you spend more time on your business.


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