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What is TruAttendance?

TruAttendance is a time and attendance software that can help entrepreneurs and business owners streamline their employee attendance, shift scheduling and management of leave requests. TruAttendance tools include a web-based advanced and intelligent management dashboard with live statistics that may be suitable for small teams and flexible enough for managing larger teams and a self-service employee mobile app ideal for employees to clock-in, apply for leave and also access their weekly schedules easily. TruAttendance can be able to manage employee time and attendance management workflows for companies in any industry, and can help those company automate their time and attendance processes.

TruAttendance is a modern attendance management solution. Complete with location geo-fencing capabilities, break-tracking and the ability for employees to clock out and provide context to the work place.

Can we automate attendance management in my industry?

Imagine this scenario: a field marketing lead has asked his field marketers to handout marketing stickers and notes at a certain mall, but because he is not on location he asks the team to send him pinned location from WhatsApp to confirm their location. Unbeknown to him, only half of the field marketing team has shown up, and they share their pinned location screenshots with those not in attendance. This not only reduces the productivity expected from this group but also a mild case of payroll fraud. Timesheet fraud which involves employees falsifying their timesheet submissions is one of the common types of payroll fraud faced by companies.


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