HR automation and how TruAttendance can improve productivity.
HR automation for solopreneurs | TruAttendance

HR automation can reduce the burden when the HR functions are handled by one person. Similarly, with the tasks involved being the same for HR headed by one person or a team hence the need for automation. These tasks may include maintaining attendance records, benefits management and time-off request approvals. Also, this can include communicating how human capital contributes to the business goals. As a result, employee management can have a big impact to the bottomline of the business.

HR can act as a knowledge centre for employees in a business. As such, employees can get answers on issues pertaining to their employment. This is tackled throughout their employment life cycle. The answers employees may look for include on the company job policies and procedures. Additionally, employees can ask on the procedure in communicating with senior management. HR is also where business owners look for help in fostering more productivity in the business.

Because of those functions, HR department with one person needs all the help it can get. With that in mind, automation can lighten the burden of administrative. Thus the efficiency of the HR processes are streamlined that one person can handle to manage.

HR department made up of one person can be overwhelmed if not well planned. This is as a result of having to tackle all the employees issues and concerns raised. The issues that HR may tackle include:

  • Processing payroll
  • Maintaining attendance records
  • Approving time-off requests
  • Creating and sharing work schedules
  • Employee disputes
  • New employee recruitment
  • New employee onboarding

These are just some of the functions in running HR. As such, it can be daunting to handle all the functions needed in running HR successfully. This can present an opportunity for a business to automate those repetitive HR functions. Going by this, the workload for the HR of one can be greatly creating time to handle more high value responsibilities.

Tips to handle the HR of one

There are some tips and tools that HR professionals can use to alleviate the workload. These tips can come in handy for solopreneurs handling all the HR tasks. They may include:

Understanding the business. Having knowledge on all the facets of the business can help solopreneurs and HR of one. This can ensure there is constant communication on areas that can be improved. Additionally, any disputes can be averted before they can have material impact to the business. Likewise, this can give HR a better standing in contributing to decisions that can move the needle.

Use of a handbook. Clear documentation on company policies and outlines key guidelines can improve efficiency. Ultimately, clear documentation can improve the new employee onboarding process. This is through availability of the right orientation and training materials, which can be accessed easily.

Mentorship and professional network. To stay abreast with the latest developments in regulations and the industry, a HR professional can tap into the available professional network. This may include becoming a member of the local chapter of the HR professionals league.

In addition, access to articles, tools and tips can help solopreneurs solve HR issues. These valuable sources of information can help in shortening the learning curve.

Technology and automation. HR automation and software are now mainstays in modern companies. With that in mind, solopreneurs can deploy HR software to alleviate the burden of administrative work. When using an automated attendance management software, employees can punch in and out of their workplaces. With a software like TruAttendance, employees can also access their shift schedules and send time-off requests through a self-service mobile app.

Solopreneurs and HR department of one can gain potential benefits from the use of HR automation systems, these may include:

  • Automatically sharing data on specific HR processes with the right stakeholders.
  • Improved backup of employees to ensure compliance with regulations during audits.
  • Reduced paperwork leads to cost savings with reduced printing costs on employee documents.
  • Streamlined and efficient HR processes ensuring seamless transition for HR professionals and employees in a business.

How TruAttendance can help?

TruAttendance is a HR solution that makes it easier for employees to clock in and out of work, access their schedules and apply for time-off. This is done through employee self-service technology. As such, this can be very applicable for solopreneurs and HR department of one. Employees use a mobile application that can be accessed through a smartphone. Also, employers get a front-row seat to their employee data through the dashboard with live statistics. With the robust system, you can flexibly scale your workforce for all your needs. Want to learn more? Check out TruAttendance.


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