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How to Track Employee Attendance: Insight for Manufacturers

Employee attendance tracking can be crucial in maintaining capacity for manufacturers. Additionally, labour-intensive areas where the number of hours worked determines the pay, it can be crucial in implementing attendance automation to avoid pay disputes and time theft. With that in mind, success can be manifested with increased efficiency, better time management and this can result to increased output for a manufacturer.

For manufacturers, maintaining and increasing production capacity can be key to their survival. Hence, streamlining processes, automating repetitive tasks and giving employees more time on their job can lead to increased capacity without increasing the number of employees.

If you’re in charge of maintaining employee attendance records, you know how harrowing data entry can be. Moreover, manual attendance records can be difficult to search for specific details on attendance. Also, manual attendance tracking can lead to guesswork in determining the correct number of hours worked which can lead to pay disputes.

Evidently, manual time and attendance tracking can be prone to errors and manipulation. As such, automating attendance tracking can lead to manufacturers saving on time which can be invested in increasing the capacity. Also, manufacturers can get better insight into their workforce which can help them in downsizing or increasing workers based on the output relative to labour cost.

Decline in production can be a big risk for manufacturers. To tackle this, manufacturers need to ensures workers clock in at the right time, experienced workers get the right shifts and also workers can communicate their unavailability to managers faster so that their shifts can be filled. These activities can be automated using a best-in-class attendance management software and give managers a breathing room to focus on increasing production capacity.

We understand that your employees’ productivity is important to you. That’s why we built TruAttendance to help you with your time and attendance management needs. With TruAttendance, manufacturers can use powerful self-service technology for employees to clock in and out of work, access their shifts and request for time-off from work. This can increase efficiency, reduce printing costs and positively impact the production capacity with no more excuses and data manipulation.


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