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How To Download the myNGOVO Salary Advance App in Kenya

myNGOVO Advance provides employees employer-sponsored salary advances in Kenya through a mobile app. Additionally, employees can access their income as they earn it allowing them to match their income to their daily. As such, they can avoid taking costly debt that can leave them in a deepened debt dependence.

Why myNGOVO Advance

Nearly 46% of Kenya’s formal workers earn less than Ksh 30,000 ($300) in monthly salary. Also, 1 in 4 workers in Kenya use more than half their salary to repay loans according to a 2019 FinAccess Household Survey which leaves most workers with negative pay cycles and adversely impacting their purchasing power in subsequent months.

With our salary advance product, employees can access salary advances in Kenya as they earn it with no interest charges and deposited instantly in their mobile wallets. This can enable workers to maintain their purchasing power without giving up their standard of living in subsequent months. Additionally, employers can give employees salary advances without worrying about their cash flow. This gives employers the ability to outsource employee salary advance payment with myNGOVO.

How It Works

  • Employer Creates An Employer Account

Join other employers empowering their workforces with instant salary advances to their MPESA by creating an Employer Account at no cost.

  • Employees Download the App

Employees download the app directly on Google Play to access salary advances as they work.

  • Request for Salary Advance Payment

Employees sign up in the myNGOVO app and their identity is verified to request their first salary advance payment.

  • Your Advance Payment Request is Processed

Once verified and have requested for your advance payment, the amount requested will be instantly deposited in your MPESA wallet. You’ve received your first myNGOVO instant salary advance.

Easy Application Process

Any employee working with our partner employers with a smartphone can apply for instant salary advances and receive it in their mobile wallet through the salary advance app in Kenya. We provide liquidity to keep workers focusing on their core business while giving employers peace of mind on their cash flow.


Instant salary advances in Kenya with myNGOVO is an employee benefit and not a digital loan. Employers reimburse the advance payments made for a certain pay period during the next payroll. myNGOVO does not communicate to individual employees while also not collecting any personal data on individual employees apart from that shared by the employer. With that in mind, employees can also repay the salary advances flexibly through our paybill number provided in the myNGOVO app and they won’t have to be deducted from their next payroll.


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