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A Credit Reference Bureau is a firm that collects credit information from financial institutions on individual consumers and prospective borrower. As such, this credit information is used for various use cases including determining your credit worthiness and how much a lender can advance financing to you as a borrower depending on your previous loan repayment behaviour. A positive CRB status implies a healthy repayment behaviour while a negative status means a defaulted credit which affects your ability to get a loan reprieve.

There are several CRBs licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya in provision of a centralized source of credit information shared by commercial banks and other financial institutions. They include TransUnion, Metropol and CreditInfo.

With the proliferation of mobile phone use, this has also simplified the way one can access their CRB status without increased friction.

To check your CRB status on Transunion:

  1. You first send your name to 21272 and register or download the TransUnion Nipashe app to avoid the SMS charges.
  2. Enter your ID number and choose your credit status.
  3. You will receive your CRB status.

To check your CRB status on Metropol:

  1. Download the Metropol Crystobol app or dial *433# after paying the registration fee using your ID number to paybill number 220388 and your ID number as the account number.
  2. Use your unique pin to access and view your status.

To check your CRB status on CreditInfo you will need to fill an online credit request form on their website.

With a positive confirmed status you can apply for a loan facility while those with a negative status will have to clear their outstanding loans to improve their creditworthiness. Are you looking for instant loan with no CRB check? Try myNGOVO Advance and access salary advance facility today with no interest charges and let your money work for you.


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