How to Apply for A Salary Advance Facility in Kenya

How do I apply for a salary advance?

Do you have an emergency that can be solved by getting access to a salary advance facility? You can get an advance payment from the convenience of your phone. Through the myNGOVO standalone mobile app available on Google Playstore you can be able to apply for a salary advance payment straight to your MPESA instantly with no interest charges.

What Are the Requirements?

Requirements needed to apply for a salary advance are: one must be an employee with a partner company with myNGOVO to enjoy interest-free salary advances, ability to download the mobile application from Google Playstore and MPESA mobile wallet.

How does the salary advance facility work?

You can be able to access salary advance payments through the myNGOVO mobile app for any employee whose employer has a partner relationship with myNGOVO. This allows for employees to be able to access up-to 50% of their net salary through our instant deposit mobile app without any interest charges which is then reimbursed to myNGOVO on your next payday. This reimbursement is done by your employer hence you will never get any harassing messages from us.

Is the myNGOVO on-demand salary advance facility in Kenya a mobile loan?

No. myNGOVO salary advance facility is an extension of an employer’s commitment to employee well-being and since it is implemented as an employee benefit and with no interest charges, this is simply the ability to access your salary as you earn it through the platform.

How much salary advance can I access?

myNGOVO salary advance allows you to access up-to 50% of your net salary. This ensures there is never a scenario where an employee can go home with less than a third of their take-home salary.

How do I ask for salary advance payment?

myNGOVO salary advance is a revolutionary platform allowing you to access salary advance payments through a mobile application. This ensures you never have to go to HR or worry about writing letters asking for advance payment as this is all handled through the application.

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