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Launch your Own Salary Advance Fintech App within a Month

myNGOVO BOB offers you a way to start your own instant salary advance Fintech business to extend salary advance loans in Kenya through a fully automated digital channel 

No Need to Build your Own Fintech, Go For White Label

To move fast in this new digital-first era, you snooze, you lose. We have developed a solution that removes all the distractions from your main goals. Reduce the time-frame to just a month.

Salary Advance Mobile App on Demand

White label solution from myNGOVO BOB lets upgrade to be a fintech leader as you concentrate on sales, myNGOVO BOB handles the technology. Your turnkey solution to start offering salary advance loans in Kenya conveniently through a mobile app

A Differentiated Solution for You

The Future of Work pay is here

Fast-track your process and go from start to launch within a month. An innovative software platform for your users to access salary advances when they need it, wherever, we provide the technology so that a magical experience for your customers. Your business is unique, your software product should be too