We always look to assist you in your discovery journey of myNGOVO. Here is our Frequently Asked Questions. If you want more answers or clarification please contact us or call 0705043366

Employee / Workforce

myNGOVO gives you access to part of your salary calculated and spread out to reflect your earned pay. You can access your salary in advance anytime and any day within the pay period.

No. We don’t charge compounding interest on the amount advanced. You get access to your salary just not at the end of the month as it is conventional. You don’t have to wait until pay day.

myNGOVO charges you a transaction fee of 3.6% each time you request for advance payment. This does not constitute interest and you can’t be over-indebted the way loans can get you.

No problem. You can withdraw as many times as your available limit allows you to.

No. Since this is not a loan but your salary myNGOVO does not affect your credit score.

Your employee needs to be registered with myNGOVO. Refer your employer or send us an email with company details and who to contact After registration you can download the app and in a few clicks access your salary in advance with no interest.

Your available limit will to zero when you have exhausted your maximum advance to be paid and also when your employer is reconciling your account with myNGOVO during payroll processing the limit is zero.

You can withdraw a percentage of your gross salary. The percentage is determined by your employer but not more than 50% of your salary.

You will normally receive your money instantly or within an hour anytime and any day. If you’re experiencing issues please contact us or call us 0705043366.

myNGOVO receives your data from your employee hence we cannot increase your limit without prior approval.

Click on forgotten password and follow instructions.

Your employer will notify you when they sign up.

The amount you access is deducted from your salary during payroll processing and you can also pay back from the repay tab in the app.

Layers of encryption and security built to protect your data is high level.

Employer / Company

There is no cost to you. There is no capital commitment or risk on the part of the employer. myNGOVO is offered as a free financial welfare benefit to the employer for their workforce.

Yes. myNGOVO can reduce staff turnover and impact employee morale at your workplace by fostering a more cohesive unit.

The layers of encryption and security built into the app will give you peace of mind as they are industry standard.

As workers can only access upto 50% of their salaries which is calculated and spread out evenly, an employee leaving should never have been able to access more than they have duly earned. Once they leave, you’re able to blacklist and remove them from accessing further funds from myNGOVO and any pending advance payments accessed will be deducted from their final pay.

No. myNGOVO requires minimal time and resources to set up and run. The employer portal provided helps you upload data and contains usage controls for you. We can set up with you in 1 or 2 business days and you’re home and dry with myNGOVO.

myNGOVO gives an employee access of upto 50% of their gross salary. The employer ultimately decides the percentage of the salary an employee can access.

The employer pays their salaries minus the salary advance payments facilitated by myNGOVO. This will cause no risk or delay as it fits alongside your current processes.