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Buddy Punching and How to Stop It| TruAttendance

Businesses are faced with the challenge of verifying the identity and location of employees. This is to discourage the practice of employees clocking in for their employees, collusion of supervisors with employees. Also, there is the latest trend of employees sharing the same pinned location screenshot even those absent. Businesses have taken several ways to mitigate buddy punching.

Buddy punching is one cause of employee fraud that can lead to unnecessary costs to the business. Also, it signals a breakdown in the trust levels and discipline of the workforce. Hence buddy punching involves a co-worker recording the clock in time or clock out in place of the rightful employee. This involves cheating the system and falsely representing themselves as the rightful colleague.While also working a particular shift and hours actively engaged in a productive way. As a result, employees who report to work late or who have not put in the required number of hours get compensated for more hours than they are rightfully supposed. When a business relies on paper time sheets, it can be easy for one worker to punch in with the credentials of another.

How does buddy punching occur? Employees can share their personal information, like username and identification numbers, to clock in. Without proper controls, employees can easily punch in for a colleague. In the case of an employee leaving work before the required time, another employee can also clock out for them with the time captured leading to inaccuracies in the data recorded for time worked for the day. Moreover, employees working in the field such as field marketers during brand activation exercises can manipulate managers into thinking they are working. This is by sharing pinned location screenshot from those in the required workstation.

There are also instances where employees may be under the premise that they are just helping their colleagues. That’s why it’s imperative for HR to communicate the need for transparency among their employees to avoid manipulation of data. Clear communication can discourage deception in the workplace and improve productivity leading to increased output.

In response, businesses are increasingly investing in technology to discourage and mitigate this challenge. Best-in-class attendance tracking technology such as TruAttendance offer a variety of tools to help in your journey:

Automated time tracking

Robust software solutions offering live statistics and data can be an alternative to manual time tracking solutions currently in the market. Such a solution offers a user-friendly way for employers to track employees through an interactive dashboard. It can also offer employees a flexible method to punch in at work such as through a mobile app accessed through a smartphone.

Mobile clock in with GPS technology

Software solutions with geo-location technology offer another option to discouraging buddy punching and time-theft. Mobile attendance and time-keeping apps enable employees to clock in and out in a quick and efficient way while ensuring the right employee is at the right location hence the right compensation. This represents a huge leap forward in effectiveness for tracking attendance.

Advanced shift scheduling

This module allows for managers to edit and publish weekly shift schedules to employees digitally. This reduces time wastage in weekly meetings to set schedules. Time tracking and attendance apps that incorporate shift scheduling offer great visibility and flexibility in managing employee schedules and easily disseminating the same information to employees enabling easy management of remote workers.

How TruAttendance can help

You can’t afford to let buddy punching drag down the productivity and output of your business, with so many other core concerns related to your business. TruAttendance can deliver significant benefits to both the business and the employees. Employees can be able to easily verify the number of hours worked. This can lead to correct pay from employers. An employer also gets visibility and insight into the location and time an employee clocks in and out. This can ensure no deception and manipulation. The solution can also be used for remote workers. This is achieved offering a centralized data hub on time and attendance of employees and combat buddy punching.


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