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Attendance Tracking in Supermarkets|TruAttendance

Attendance tracking in supermarkets and small retailers can be vital to their operations. Supermarkets as part of the retail sector can greatly benefit from automating their attendance management. As they rely on human labour for most of the in-store help, making sure employees are productive in their posts can be very crucial to their success.

Accurate time tracking can eliminate the fear of time theft which can lead to overpaying for time worked. Also, the risk of employees clocking in for their colleagues or clocking out early can be eliminated using GPS geo-fencing. As such, more tasks can be completed within the allocated time improving productivity and ultimately impacting the business bottomline.

Automated shift scheduling which comes as part of attendance tracking can have a positive impact on effective time management in a supermarket. With no need for long meetings, workers can better plan for their schedules while also having the flexibility to communicate their unavailability so that those shifts can be filled with no glitch. Therefore, continuity in operations is preserved throughout the month.

Creating employee schedules by hand can be time-consuming. With an automated time and attendance tool, managers can easily and quickly facilitate the scheduling process. Scheduling ensures that unexpected payroll expenses cannot crop up. Also, clear scheduling can encourage accountability in the workplace so that there is proof on the shift worked by a particular with no disputes when there is a drop in performance. Since schedules may change week to week, an automated shift scheduler can be a great tool to easily change and communicate the same without holding unnecessary meetings.

Worker conflict can be averted by implementing a time and attendance management solution. For example, conflicts on time worked, conflicts on shift trading or conflicts arising from pay can affect the morale of the workers. An online time and attendance management solution such as TruAttendance can help supermarkets and others in the retail sector. This can be achieved from the elaborate attendance reports in the system. With that, HR professionals are empowered to solve these conflict without affecting the workplace morale.

Time and attendance with TruAttendance

TruAttendance is a human resource solution with three modules: attendance management, leave management and shift scheduling. This will help keep your employees on time while increasing the efficiency of your processes. With the GPS geo-fencing feature, you are able to not only capture the time employees report to work but also their location. By incorporating automation in your routine, less frustrations and conflict gives you time to focus on making human resource a profit centre for the supermarket. With TruAttendance, accurate attendance tracking in supermarkets is assured while avoiding manual time tracking.


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