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Attendance Tracking in Healthcare| TruAttendance

Attendance tracking in healthcare can be crucial in an industry synonymous with saving lives. Healthcare can benefit greatly from implementing automated time tracking. Because of the sensitive nature of the job, a tool that weaves in all the aspects of the industry can come in handy.

Human resource managers for chain pharmacies and hospitals are faced with the challenge of maintaining attendance records. As such, they are responsible for keeping the attendance records and approving time-off requests while ensuring critical activities go on with no hitches.

Effective management can enable departments to increase productivity. Therefore, the onus is on the HR professionals to incorporate effective time management in order to complete tasks within the allocated time.

Manual time tracking can be cumbersome. From paper attendance records to printing of time-off requests before waiting for approval. Additionally, it can breed room for data manipulation from guesswork when one is not keen on the clock in and clock out time which can impact the overall productivity.

Automated time tracking software can give HR professionals in healthcare the ability to track the clock in and clock out time and approve time-off requests without necessarily having physical contact with their colleagues. Also, shift scheduling can be automated which reduces the psychological pressure when employees can plan for shifts beforehand. As a result, employees have a better work experience.

Automated attendance tracking in healthcare can help health professionals clog their calendars. Thus, they can easily allocate and track time to their core business. Also, non-essentials tasks such as pen and paper records can be eliminated while also reducing printing costs on leave application.

In a nutshell

Effective time and attendance tracking has become vital in a world with many tasks requiring your attention. Automating repetitive processes such as attendance record-keeping, leave application and scheduling can give you freedom to focus on your core mandate. TruAttendance offers best-in-class self-service for healthcare to manage their human capital. With this technology, employees can clock in and out from an easy-to-use mobile application while accessing their schedules, thus attendance tracking in healthcare that actually works. In addition, they can apply for time-off without waiting for a week for approval. Use tomorrow’s technology today, automate your HR processes and increase efficiency.


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