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5 Things to Know About Attendance Tracking Software|TruAttendance

Attendance tracking software can be a productivity multiplier for you and your employees. Also, its implementation can ensure time to be a true contributor of success in your business. We understand that employee productivity is vital to you. That’s why we have TruAttendance to help you with your time and attendance management. Below are some of the things you can look out for in attendance tracking software that can be found with TruAttendance:

  1. Attendance logs

A robust attendance tracking software may have the ability to support attendance logs. As such, managers can have insight on a specific employee and their attendance throughout a certain period. Additionally, attendance logs can act as a buffer in reducing disputes over the number of hours worked and the correct pay due.

2. Time and attendance reports

Attendance tracking software may support elaborate time and attendance reports. With that, the data can be shared across various areas of the business including payroll to settle wages. Because of these reports, a more efficient HR process can be fostered empowering small businesses to scale in a flexible way.

3. GPS or Passcode clock in or clock out

As a business, you can’t afford not to verify employee clock in. Moreover, this is the first action in a standard workflow of an employee. Hence, an automated clock in and clock out that can empower employee and increase productivity can impact your bottomline. With that in mind, attendance tracking software with geolocation technology can offer another option while discouraging buddy punching and time theft. Additionally, this solution ensures the right employee has clocked and will clock out from the right location, at the right time and then the right compensation.

4. Lateness flagging and break tracking

Attendance tracking software can easily flag employees that clock in late. Besides this, attendance tracking also have the ability to track the breaks taken by workers during the course of the day. With these features, the business can have unparalleled insight into the intricacies of how time is spent during a working day. Coupled with the human component, implementing such a system can have significant impact to the output and ultimately the bottomline of a business.

5. Self-service technology

Attendance tracking software that employs self-service technology gives the power back to employees. As such, repetitive HR processes such as time-off requests and clock-in and clock-out can be done by employees without contacting HR. With that in mind, deploying self-service technology can reduce the workload of administrative work. With that, your HR professionals can be freed to work on the high-level and strategic work to make their department a profit centre for the business.

How TruAttendance can work for you

With all the entailments of running a business, your time is precious. To make even better use of your time, automation of time and attendance of employees can be crucial. TruAttendance can remove the burden of administrative work. The software can also help you streamline employee clock in and clock out. These are some of the activities that can take away time from your core business. With the right HR solution, you spend more time on your business.


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