A time clock to represent manual attendance management systems.
5 Reasons for Using Online Employee Attendance System in Retail

Managing and tracking employee attendance can be time consuming and cumbersome for retailers. This cuts across the size or scale of the retailer. Additionally, this can involve clock in time entries, clock out time entries and other enterprise automation processes such as leave and schedule management. With that in mind, an online employee attendance system can automate work drudgery and increase efficiency.

Here are 5 benefits that can be gotten by implementing an online and self-service employee attendance system:

  1. Self-service employee attendance system can save on cost eliminating costly biometric systems that can require regular on-site maintenance and are not suitable for small businesses. Also, cloud-based employee attendance system easily accessible via a mobile app can give employees autonomy and self-drive without supervision.
  2. Managers and supervisors can easily access employee time logs reducing their workload and streamlining employee records. As such, managers can easily verify time put in by a specific employee without the need to flip through bulky attendance books which can be time consuming.
  3. Using an automated employee attendance system can eliminate the likelihood of manipulation of time entries and guesswork in filling out the time clocked in and clocked out. Hence, pay disputes that may result from less hours being recorded due to guesswork can be eliminated ensuring correct pay to employees.
  4. Managers can access comprehensive reports that eliminates employee time theft and delivers accurate information useful for managing employees. Moreover, managers can be able to access records for individual employees and use the reports to sync payroll with employee attendance accurately.
  5. Self-service technology can enable managers to track the location of field-based employees using GPS tracking. This can provide for an accurate record of the location an employee clocks in than location screenshots which can be easily shared by those on location and those absent, which can ultimately hinder productivity.

In today’s world, small businesses can benefit from technology enjoyed by larger companies. Just like attendance solutions for bigger enterprises, small businesses can benefit from online employee attendance systems that perfectly fit their budget.

Retailers and businesses with more than one location can especially benefit from cloud-based employee attendance systems. Instead pf collecting individual time sheets and records from each store or location, managers can view records from any location on their dashboard accessed via PC or mobile device. As such, this can greatly reduce payroll processing times eliminating any previously experienced delays.

Why spend hours manually entering time entries and calculating time worked with pen and paper? Using a best-in-class employee attendance system can ensure accurate attendance records and eliminate manipulation while saving you money and conflicts.


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