3 Salary Advance Benefits to Employees in Kenya

Salary advance benefits to employees in Kenya can have widespread impact to both employees and to their dependents. With close to 1.34 million of the 2.9 million formal workers in Kenya earning less than Ksh 30,000, providing workers liquidity to match their income to their expenses can drastically reduce the financial strain on employees while also significantly improving the productivity and employee retention rate of a business.

Fuliza is an overdraft facility that allows Safaricom subscribers in Kenya to transact with more money than that available in their M-PESA mobile wallets. Additionally, Fuliza with 1.4 million active users who have accessed Ksh 351.2 billion in FY 21 signals deepened debt dependence among Kenyans, hence the need for a solution that suits low-income earners in Kenya.

myNGOVO Advance provides employer-sponsored salary advance benefits to employees in Kenya through a simple and ready-for-use mobile app. As such, employees can access interest-free salary advances in Kenya through the app accessed from Google Play. Moreover, employees get to avoid costly debt that can lead them to have negative pay cycle in subsequent months.

Benefits of myNGOVO Instant Salary Advances in Kenya

  • Improve employee retention

myNGOVO Advance instant salary advances can be used by employers to retain employees. Salary advance benefits provided by employers using the myNGOVO platform can help reduce stress in the workplace that can affect the productivity of a worker.

  • Reduce debt dependence

MyNGOVO’s instant salary advances enable employees to access salary advances for their emergency needs when they need it with no interest charges. As a result, employees who work in places offering myNGOVO Advance can avoid taking costly debt to fund their daily needs.

  • Employee job security and stability

Employer-employee relationship is one based on trust. Hence, an employer offering employees with the ability to access part of their earnings throughout the month as they earn it encourages workplace coherence and gives the employee a sense of security and confidence about the business as a going concern.

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5 Features of an Effective Leave Management System in Kenya

Implementing an effective leave management system in Kenya can help businesses avoid compliance issues. Therefore, a business that can invest in an online leave management system can greatly reduce their compliance workload and delight both the employees and the managers.

An online self-service leave management system in Kenya allows employees to indicate their unavailability to their managers and request for time-off. As such managers can easily plan and distribute the available work according to the number of available employees.

Additionally, a leave management system with self-service technology can give flexibility to workers. Workers can easily apply for time-off and inform on their unavailability through an easy-to-use mobile app without the need to physically visit the business premise or fill pen and paper leave request forms.

Best Features of an Effective Leave Management System in Kenya

  • Self-Service Technology

An effective leave management system with self-service technology empowers employees to request for time-off without the intimidation of talking to HR or having to travel to the office. With this, managers can avoid sifting through reams of papers to approve time-off requests but instead approve or deny leave requests in a few clicks. Self-service technology gives a business a seamless review and approval process of employee leave requests. Thus, these tools can be easily accessed through an app.

  • Instant Approval Process

An online leave management system gives businesses the ability to instantly accept or deny time-off requests from employees. As such, employees can be assured of a fast approval process that ensures they can plan for unavailability or not based on the feedback from the managers.

  • Notifications on Time-off Requests

Workers who have applied for time-off requests can easily get access to the feedback from managers. With an effective leave management software, managers can accept or deny time-off requests while employees can be notified instantly on the state of their application.

  • Comprehensive Leave Reports

With an effective leave management system in Kenya, managers can access comprehensive leave reports that can be valuable in complying with local employment regulations. Also, these reports can be used to verify a certain employee has achieved their time-off limit.

  • Reduces HR costs

An online leave management system can help a business cut down on printing and paper costs that are used in manual application of leave requests. Additionally, a business can avoid the cost of an extra personnel to handle leave applications and instead invest in their core business. As such, an online leave management software can greatly benefit businesses to automate their processes and streamline their time-off requests.

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Two ladies conversing to show how managers can be freed using an online attendance system.
5 Reasons Why to Outsource Your Time and Attendance Tracking

Small businesses in Kenya are faced with various challenges that can severely impact their growth. Manual time tracking and attendance management can take away time and resources that would have otherwise been used in growing the business. As such, outsourcing employee time and attendance management can reduce your headache and improve productivity. With that in mind, let us show why you can outsource your time and attendance tracking and focus on your core business.

Attendance management is a crucial cog for a business to keep productivity at a level that meets the output goals of a business. Hence, accurate time tracking is vital in maintaining the productivity of a business while also ensuring accurate pay to employees and complying with local regulations.

What is an online time-attendance system?

Time, labour, land, capital and entrepreneurship are important factors of production. Moreover, metrics that can help a business measure their performance are pegged to a certain time i.e are time-bound to improve predictability and to measure progress. With that in mind, the ability to track the time and attendance of employees can have outsized advantages to a business.

An online time-attendance management system in Kenya refers to an online/ cloud-based software that can track the clock in and clock out entries of employees, generate accurate timesheets and attendance reports that can be used to process payroll and eliminate manipulation of data entries.

5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Time-Attendance management in Kenya

With the background on what an online attendance management system entails and how it can be vital to your business, we can now look at how automating your employee time and attendance management in Kenya can further your business goals.

Cost Savings and Reduced Staffing Costs

An online attendance management system in Kenya can eliminate errors in attendance data used for payroll which can often lead to overpaying of staff and guesswork in recollecting number of hours worked.

  • Eliminate manipulation of attendance data

Automating employee attendance can make it difficult for attendance data to be manipulated to favour a certain employee and result in skewed wages that affect your payroll budget. Additionally, using an automated attendance tracking system in Kenya ensures you can get updated attendance reports that can be used for labour cost estimation.

  • Comprehensive report generation

Outsourcing your employee attendance management through a best-in-class attendance management software in Kenya can give business owners more insight into their business. Reports generated can provide a snapshot to managers on the health of the business and help them with people management.

  • Remove the burden of administrative work

Administrative work hinges on doing manual work on repetitive tasks in a business. However, this can greatly constrain the productivity of workers and also the efficiency of the team in their daily workflow. An automated attendance management software can give business owners and managers peace of mind while giving them back more time to focus on their core business.

  • Compliance with labour regulations

Complying with local regulations is pertinent for a business to keep on as a going concern. This may include maximum number of work hours and compliance with time-off regulations. Therefore, use of an automated attendance management system in Kenya  can allow businesses to comply with regulations and better insight into their business.

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Coins and a piggy bank to represent cost savings from using salary advances
How To Request for Salary Advance in Kenya|myNGOVO

Requesting for a salary advance from an employer can be intimidating. Additionally, this can be challenging in businesses with complex HR processes that are put in place to discourage employees requesting for salary advances.

Employers can have credible reasons for discouraging and sometimes refusing to offer salary advance benefits to employees. This may include cash flow issues and high employee turnover especially in industries that use casual workers such as the hospitality industry.

Employers that enable employees to request salary advances can see their employee retention rates spike. This can be attributed to employees being able to match their income to their daily needs. With that in mind, less complexity as employees request for salary advances can reduce their financial strain and anxiety fostering a peaceful and productive workplace.

The employer-employee relationship is based on trust. Hence, financial benefits that can be offered by employers can go a long way in alleviating financial stress faced by employees in their day to day living while maintaining high levels of productivity. As a result, it can be very beneficial to employers that offer salary advance benefits to employees besides having a positive impact to their bottomline.

Employee absenteeism as a result of financial emergency can be reduced by offering employees the freedom to request for salary advances. As such, the negative impact and lost productivity experienced during those days when they are unavailable can be harnessed to improve the productivity and performance of the company.

Request for salary advance with myNGOVO Advance

myNGOVO Advance provides employer-sponsored salary advance benefits to employees through an easy-to-use mobile app. With myNGOVO Advance, workers can get early wage access empowering them with instant salary advances whenever they have an emergency with no interest charges or a need for CRB check ahead of the regular pay day.

Through the myNGOVO Advance salary advance app, requesting for a salary advance is processed and it is deposited instantly into their MPESA wallets without fail. As such, with the instant salary advance service, employees can be able to match their daily needs to their income which replaces the need for taking costly loans that can leave them with negative pay cycles.

What More is Offered on Instant Salary Advance in Kenya!

myNGOVO Advance can help employers to offer salary advance benefits with no capital commitment. In that vein, cash flow issues that employers may face do not restrict employees from enjoying salary advance benefits with this solution in place. For more of this information check out the myNGOVO Advance system.

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A time clock to represent manual attendance management systems.
5 Reasons for Using Online Employee Attendance System in Retail

Managing and tracking employee attendance can be time consuming and cumbersome for retailers. This cuts across the size or scale of the retailer. Additionally, this can involve clock in time entries, clock out time entries and other enterprise automation processes such as leave and schedule management. With that in mind, an online employee attendance system can automate work drudgery and increase efficiency.

Here are 5 benefits that can be gotten by implementing an online and self-service employee attendance system:

  1. Self-service employee attendance system can save on cost eliminating costly biometric systems that can require regular on-site maintenance and are not suitable for small businesses. Also, cloud-based employee attendance system easily accessible via a mobile app can give employees autonomy and self-drive without supervision.
  2. Managers and supervisors can easily access employee time logs reducing their workload and streamlining employee records. As such, managers can easily verify time put in by a specific employee without the need to flip through bulky attendance books which can be time consuming.
  3. Using an automated employee attendance system can eliminate the likelihood of manipulation of time entries and guesswork in filling out the time clocked in and clocked out. Hence, pay disputes that may result from less hours being recorded due to guesswork can be eliminated ensuring correct pay to employees.
  4. Managers can access comprehensive reports that eliminates employee time theft and delivers accurate information useful for managing employees. Moreover, managers can be able to access records for individual employees and use the reports to sync payroll with employee attendance accurately.
  5. Self-service technology can enable managers to track the location of field-based employees using GPS tracking. This can provide for an accurate record of the location an employee clocks in than location screenshots which can be easily shared by those on location and those absent, which can ultimately hinder productivity.

In today’s world, small businesses can benefit from technology enjoyed by larger companies. Just like attendance solutions for bigger enterprises, small businesses can benefit from online employee attendance systems that perfectly fit their budget.

Retailers and businesses with more than one location can especially benefit from cloud-based employee attendance systems. Instead pf collecting individual time sheets and records from each store or location, managers can view records from any location on their dashboard accessed via PC or mobile device. As such, this can greatly reduce payroll processing times eliminating any previously experienced delays.

Why spend hours manually entering time entries and calculating time worked with pen and paper? Using a best-in-class employee attendance system can ensure accurate attendance records and eliminate manipulation while saving you money and conflicts.

piggy bank to represent salary advance.
Applying for a salary advance- myNGOVO Advance FAQs

How do I apply for a salary advance with myNGOVO Advance?

myNGOVO Advance provides instant salary advances to employees in Kenya. This gives them the flexibility to access part of their salaries as they earn it with no interest charges and no CRB checks!

Is myNGOVO Advance instant salary advance a loan?

No. myNGOVO Advance instant salary advance is not a credit solution. There is no underwriting, no hidden fees, no debt created and no interest charged.

How does a business offer myNGOVO Advance instant salary advance?

myNGOVO partners with employers to offer financial liquidity to their employees. Once an employer agrees to offer myNGOVO Advance as an employee benefit, employees can access part of their earned wages as salary advances via the myNGOVO app. Ease in applying for a salary advance in Kenya.

Are there any costs for businesses to offer the service to their employees?

No. There is no capital commitment from employers or any setup fees charged.

How do employees receive their salary advances?

Employees access their salary advances instantly in their mobile wallets (MPESA). Applying for a salary advance is seamless with our App.

What devices are currently supported by myNGOVO?

myNGOVO Advance is currently available on Google Play.

Where can I download the myNGOVO salary advance app?

You can download the myNGOVO instant salary advance app here:

How do I apply for a salary advance payment? (New employees)

To apply for myNGOVO instant salary advance for employees in our partner companies, download the app here.   


Then sign up and request for an advance


Then sign up and request for an advance payment.

I have requested the salary advance but didn’t get the money

It is possible that you are not whitelisted by your employer to access salary advances through the app.

Consult your employer and complete the steps needed and you will be able to access salary advances again.

Why isn’t my salary advance payment request going through?

It is possible your employer has not reconciled their previous month’s deductions to warrant access to salary advances for the new month.

Please reach out to your employer or send us an email to to rule a technical hitch.

How much can I access as salary advance?

The limit is determined by the employer.

The salary advance limit can be up to 50% of the net salary of an employee.

Can I access more than Ksh 50,000?

Yes. As long as it’s within the limit set by your employer and within 50% of your net salary.

Can I access Ksh 25,000 as salary advance?

Yes. As long as it’s less than 50% of your net salary and within the limit set by your employer.

How much is my myNGOVO Advance instant salary advance limit?

Your salary advance limit is determined by the limit set by your employer or 50% of your net salary. Through the App, you can access your salary advance limit anytime.