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Attendance Tracking in Supermarkets|TruAttendance

Attendance tracking in supermarkets and small retailers can be vital to their operations. Supermarkets as part of the retail sector can greatly benefit from automating their attendance management. As they rely on human labour for most of the in-store help, making sure employees are productive in their posts can be very crucial to their success.

Accurate time tracking can eliminate the fear of time theft which can lead to overpaying for time worked. Also, the risk of employees clocking in for their colleagues or clocking out early can be eliminated using GPS geo-fencing. As such, more tasks can be completed within the allocated time improving productivity and ultimately impacting the business bottomline.

Automated shift scheduling which comes as part of attendance tracking can have a positive impact on effective time management in a supermarket. With no need for long meetings, workers can better plan for their schedules while also having the flexibility to communicate their unavailability so that those shifts can be filled with no glitch. Therefore, continuity in operations is preserved throughout the month.

Creating employee schedules by hand can be time-consuming. With an automated time and attendance tool, managers can easily and quickly facilitate the scheduling process. Scheduling ensures that unexpected payroll expenses cannot crop up. Also, clear scheduling can encourage accountability in the workplace so that there is proof on the shift worked by a particular with no disputes when there is a drop in performance. Since schedules may change week to week, an automated shift scheduler can be a great tool to easily change and communicate the same without holding unnecessary meetings.

Worker conflict can be averted by implementing a time and attendance management solution. For example, conflicts on time worked, conflicts on shift trading or conflicts arising from pay can affect the morale of the workers. An online time and attendance management solution such as TruAttendance can help supermarkets and others in the retail sector. This can be achieved from the elaborate attendance reports in the system. With that, HR professionals are empowered to solve these conflict without affecting the workplace morale.

Time and attendance with TruAttendance

TruAttendance is a human resource solution with three modules: attendance management, leave management and shift scheduling. This will help keep your employees on time while increasing the efficiency of your processes. With the GPS geo-fencing feature, you are able to not only capture the time employees report to work but also their location. By incorporating automation in your routine, less frustrations and conflict gives you time to focus on making human resource a profit centre for the supermarket. With TruAttendance, accurate attendance tracking in supermarkets is assured while avoiding manual time tracking.

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How To Download the myNGOVO Salary Advance App in Kenya

myNGOVO Advance provides employees employer-sponsored salary advances in Kenya through a mobile app. Additionally, employees can access their income as they earn it allowing them to match their income to their daily. As such, they can avoid taking costly debt that can leave them in a deepened debt dependence.

Why myNGOVO Advance

Nearly 46% of Kenya’s formal workers earn less than Ksh 30,000 ($300) in monthly salary. Also, 1 in 4 workers in Kenya use more than half their salary to repay loans according to a 2019 FinAccess Household Survey which leaves most workers with negative pay cycles and adversely impacting their purchasing power in subsequent months.

With our salary advance product, employees can access salary advances in Kenya as they earn it with no interest charges and deposited instantly in their mobile wallets. This can enable workers to maintain their purchasing power without giving up their standard of living in subsequent months. Additionally, employers can give employees salary advances without worrying about their cash flow. This gives employers the ability to outsource employee salary advance payment with myNGOVO.

How It Works

  • Employer Creates An Employer Account

Join other employers empowering their workforces with instant salary advances to their MPESA by creating an Employer Account at no cost.

  • Employees Download the App

Employees download the app directly on Google Play to access salary advances as they work.

  • Request for Salary Advance Payment

Employees sign up in the myNGOVO app and their identity is verified to request their first salary advance payment.

  • Your Advance Payment Request is Processed

Once verified and have requested for your advance payment, the amount requested will be instantly deposited in your MPESA wallet. You’ve received your first myNGOVO instant salary advance.

Easy Application Process

Any employee working with our partner employers with a smartphone can apply for instant salary advances and receive it in their mobile wallet through the salary advance app in Kenya. We provide liquidity to keep workers focusing on their core business while giving employers peace of mind on their cash flow.


Instant salary advances in Kenya with myNGOVO is an employee benefit and not a digital loan. Employers reimburse the advance payments made for a certain pay period during the next payroll. myNGOVO does not communicate to individual employees while also not collecting any personal data on individual employees apart from that shared by the employer. With that in mind, employees can also repay the salary advances flexibly through our paybill number provided in the myNGOVO app and they won’t have to be deducted from their next payroll.

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Attendance Tracking in Healthcare| TruAttendance

Attendance tracking in healthcare can be crucial in an industry synonymous with saving lives. Healthcare can benefit greatly from implementing automated time tracking. Because of the sensitive nature of the job, a tool that weaves in all the aspects of the industry can come in handy.

Human resource managers for chain pharmacies and hospitals are faced with the challenge of maintaining attendance records. As such, they are responsible for keeping the attendance records and approving time-off requests while ensuring critical activities go on with no hitches.

Effective management can enable departments to increase productivity. Therefore, the onus is on the HR professionals to incorporate effective time management in order to complete tasks within the allocated time.

Manual time tracking can be cumbersome. From paper attendance records to printing of time-off requests before waiting for approval. Additionally, it can breed room for data manipulation from guesswork when one is not keen on the clock in and clock out time which can impact the overall productivity.

Automated time tracking software can give HR professionals in healthcare the ability to track the clock in and clock out time and approve time-off requests without necessarily having physical contact with their colleagues. Also, shift scheduling can be automated which reduces the psychological pressure when employees can plan for shifts beforehand. As a result, employees have a better work experience.

Automated attendance tracking in healthcare can help health professionals clog their calendars. Thus, they can easily allocate and track time to their core business. Also, non-essentials tasks such as pen and paper records can be eliminated while also reducing printing costs on leave application.

In a nutshell

Effective time and attendance tracking has become vital in a world with many tasks requiring your attention. Automating repetitive processes such as attendance record-keeping, leave application and scheduling can give you freedom to focus on your core mandate. TruAttendance offers best-in-class self-service for healthcare to manage their human capital. With this technology, employees can clock in and out from an easy-to-use mobile application while accessing their schedules, thus attendance tracking in healthcare that actually works. In addition, they can apply for time-off without waiting for a week for approval. Use tomorrow’s technology today, automate your HR processes and increase efficiency.

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How to Track Employee Attendance: Insight for Manufacturers

Employee attendance tracking can be crucial in maintaining capacity for manufacturers. Additionally, labour-intensive areas where the number of hours worked determines the pay, it can be crucial in implementing attendance automation to avoid pay disputes and time theft. With that in mind, success can be manifested with increased efficiency, better time management and this can result to increased output for a manufacturer.

For manufacturers, maintaining and increasing production capacity can be key to their survival. Hence, streamlining processes, automating repetitive tasks and giving employees more time on their job can lead to increased capacity without increasing the number of employees.

If you’re in charge of maintaining employee attendance records, you know how harrowing data entry can be. Moreover, manual attendance records can be difficult to search for specific details on attendance. Also, manual attendance tracking can lead to guesswork in determining the correct number of hours worked which can lead to pay disputes.

Evidently, manual time and attendance tracking can be prone to errors and manipulation. As such, automating attendance tracking can lead to manufacturers saving on time which can be invested in increasing the capacity. Also, manufacturers can get better insight into their workforce which can help them in downsizing or increasing workers based on the output relative to labour cost.

Decline in production can be a big risk for manufacturers. To tackle this, manufacturers need to ensures workers clock in at the right time, experienced workers get the right shifts and also workers can communicate their unavailability to managers faster so that their shifts can be filled. These activities can be automated using a best-in-class attendance management software and give managers a breathing room to focus on increasing production capacity.

We understand that your employees’ productivity is important to you. That’s why we built TruAttendance to help you with your time and attendance management needs. With TruAttendance, manufacturers can use powerful self-service technology for employees to clock in and out of work, access their shifts and request for time-off from work. This can increase efficiency, reduce printing costs and positively impact the production capacity with no more excuses and data manipulation.

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How to incorporate a Limited Liability business in Kenya: Everything You Need to Know

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, entrepreneurship continues to be a key option according to data released. With the pandemic having adverse effects on employees, retrenchments, furloughing and even redundancies can be frustrating. Hence, with more time on their hands, a majority of people are forced to venture into business, either to supplement their income or a new path. The first step one can take involves incorporating a limited liability business in Kenya.

Incorporating a business in Kenya can be done easily through the ecitizen platform. As such, incorporating a business is much faster, with no need for lawyers or specialized knowledge, just following all the requirements.

There are various ways you can incorporate your business. This includes as a proprietorship, partnership or a limited liability company. These are the most common and are not cumbersome to register.

As you take the brave step of starting your business, highlighted below are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating a limited liability business:

Advantages of incorporating a limited liability business

  • A limited liability company is a separate legal entity from you the owner and the directors. As such, this eliminates the risk to your personal assets that legal proceedings or credit issues could bring.
  • A limited liability business can be able to issue and transfer shares in order to raise funds.
  • A limited liability business can foster business continuity even with the exit of the founder. With that, this can give the business longevity to operate as a going concern.
  • A limited liability business in Kenya can be easily dissolved. There are clear guidelines and procedures when the owners want to dissolve the business as a result of adverse effects to the business impacting the ability to continue as a going concern.

Disadvantages of incorporating a limited liability business

  • It can be costlier to incorporate compared to other structures such as proprietorship or a partnership.
  • You are required to comply with the structure of a limited liability such as a board of directors.
  • There is more complexity in managing this structure. This is from annual reports to careful accounting records.

How myNGOVO can help

With so many other business concerns in your quest to build a successful venture, every minute counts. You can’t afford manual time-tracking to impact your business productivity nor financial stress to your employees. TruAttendance can deliver significant benefits in automating your time and attendance management processes ensuring your employees get the correct pay and streamlining your HR processes. Also, myNGOVO Advance offers employer-sponsored salary advance benefits to employees through an easy-to-use mobile app so they can match they income with their needs.And, if you are looking for additional software tools and services or suggestions on how we can offer you the best solutions to facilitate your digital transformation, reach out to us and we’ll gladly take you up on your offer.